Amazing Health Benefits Associated with Single Estate Tea

Amazing Health Benefits Associated with Single Estate Tea

Tea is the most treasured elixir from thousand of years. Much research has proven the numerous health benefits of drinking tea. The benefits of drinking tea range from losing weight to reducing stress levels and avoiding osteoporosis.

Antioxidants play a vital role in fighting diseases and that is why the Ceylon loose leaf tea considered as an ideal beverage. People have already discovered the varied health benefits it provides. Now it is your turn to know the amazing health benefits the fresh tea can offer you.

Read on to discover the reasons to incorporate this magical potion in your routine.

The Ceylon black tea is popularly called as “Ceylon”. This tea is particularly grown in Sri Lanka. Ceylon is an old name for Sri Lanka. It is now only used in the name of the tea and has become out of usage everywhere else.

British is the mainstay of Ceylon, where it is consumed on its own. Also, it forms one main part of the important parts of the famous English breakfast combinations.

The Ceylon has varied grades. The orange poke is the standard grade. We all are familiar with the packed Ceylon tea available in the market, but the single region and single estate tea are most popular among the connoisseurs. The shopkeepers also find them reasonable to buy in huge quantity as they are obvious cost-conscious people who want to spend less and earn more profit.

Single harvest tea refers to the tea grown in small batches from particular gardens. Owing such a yield is like holding affordable and lavish goods.

Health benefits:

The major share of attention is gathered by green tea when it comes to the health benefits of drinking tea. But now studies have proved that usage of black tea also provides miraculous health profits.

Various researches are being done to compare the Ceylon loose leaf tea from tea grown in the other regions. But there is no full proof study that confirms that it is extra different from other tea. Ceylon is also a basic form of black tea with different grades to offer.

The caffeine content:

It refers to the tea grown in that region. But as mentioned earlier they come in different grades and from different cultivators. So saying exactly about the caffeine content in the Ceylon is not possible unless the company selling the tea provides you with the details of the same.

The orange pekoe has a caffeine content of around 60 mg per cup which is very less in comparison to a typical cup of tea which usually has 85-135 mg of caffeine in it.

It cannot be said that strong tasting tea will have a higher level of caffeine and vice versa. A tea grade with lighter taste can also have higher levels of caffeine in it.

Loose leaf tea better than packaged tea:

The loose tea has more antioxidants in comparison to tea bags. The bags are usually filled with the dust, the leftover, and broken leaves.

The teas brewed freshly have more percentage of polyphenol antioxidant as compared to the one brewed even before a day.

Loose tea is comprised of the whole tea leaves in contrast to bags which are just filled with grounded or dusty leaves. Therefore, the antioxidant in the bags reduces and the level of caffeine increases than loose tea.

Also, you will face the problem of bleach residue. That is a chemical which usually sticks on the bags and consumed by you, while the loose form is free from all such chemicals.

The hand-picked premium loose leaves can be re-infused many times. The point to remember here is too steep only what you can pour into your cup at one time. The portion is steeped and the liquid from the leaves flow into the cup, allowing to reuse the leaves again and again with water to make more tea.

This method avoids from getting the leaves get burnt. Many high-quality tea leaves are reused 5-6 times, making the purchase of loose leaves actually cost-effective.

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