Why Indoor Team Building Is Important For A Business

Why Indoor Team Building Is Important For A Business

A business is a commercial enterprise run for the people and by the people. Having said that, we mean your business is run by your men at work, maybe under your direct supervision. But, whatever they do for your business is to reach the consumers in the end. In other words, it is important to take the team members to take with you for the success of your business.

You know what, this orientation towards the goal and vision of a business comes from effective indoor team building exercises. After all, like the five fingers of your hand, people coming to a workplace are different. Therefore, they need boosters from time to time to stay tuned with the goal and vision of your business.

Key areas of indoor team building:

Though there is no fixed set of rules or the ethos to achieve success in indoor team building befitting the purpose of a business, we, however, find the following steps crucial for a success here.

  • Clear vision and mission statement: Every business must have a clear mission and vision statement available to its workforce. Having said that, we mean you must make a clearly defined KRA (Key Performance Area) for every team in line with the business goal and its mission. This helps to eradicate confusions and at the same time, makes the members aligned to the objective. In the process, the productivity per team increases manifold.
  • Making your workforce a part of the success: While running a business, let your workforce feel a part of it. In other words, unless they feel that they are a part of the organization, their morale will be low and the productivity will go down. Therefore, every business must promote the entrepreneurship among its workforce to achieve excellence.
  • Acknowledging individual contribution: Don’t forget to acknowledge the individual contribution of your people. When you put a practice of acknowledging individual contribution in a team, you essentially promote a fair level of competition among the team members that, in turn, promotes team spirit. In the process, your gain manifold in the business. For instance, Dr. Philip Kotler in one of his books on marketing wrote about a bank employee who was an underperformer for years. So, his bank manager decided to do something for him and finally celebrated his birthday with a special cake mentioning an important ratio of the bank that the employee was dealing with. The employee was cheered while he cut the cake. Since then, there was no looking back for the employee and he outperformed everyone else in his department.
  • Awards and promotions: Introduce a system of awards and promotions purely based on the performance of a team. In the process, you will be able to cash the power of indoor team building.
  • Becoming a part of the journey: Do extend your cooperation and help whenever a team needs your support and assistance. This way, you will create an indomitable team spirit for the coveted success of your business.

Your business cannot go without your team. Therefore, take the team along while pursuing excellence for the business.

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