Risks and Benefits of Steroid

Risks and Benefits of Steroid

Are steroids safe? What are weighing the risks and benefits? Many of such questions are asked frequently regarding the intake of steroid. The answers may vary according to the preferences for the steroid, goals for the intake of steroid and the expected results from it. Steroids has been accounted to have various positive effects but it has been also noted that the product also holds various cons. Not everybody can bear to have it. For some of the people steroid has been proved to be very advantageous but it does not mean that it does not hold any disadvantages. Before we mention the benefits and risks we need to know what is steroid.

What is steroid?

Steroids are designed as the synthetic hormone which serves as the treatment for the medical issues. One of its kinds is anabolic steroid which behaves as male sex hormones. The doctors use it as the prescription for the late puberty or for the cancer patients who face a frequent muscle loss. Despite of the medical uses, steroid is also frequently used by the bodybuilders as well as athletes for enhancing their performance.

Steroid has originated its effects in its way. Not every person can be recommended to intake it without any medical prescription from the physician.

When we talk about the weighing the risks and benefits we refer to the benefits and side effects of the steroid when used. Thought it is not mentioned in any research reports but the reviews gathered about it has straightly described about its benefits and side effects.

Benefits of steroids

Yes if steroid holds the risks it also holds several benefits. It has been mostly preferred by the athletes and bodybuilders in order to increase the performance level. Steroid has also proved beneficial for many of the people. It has established many of the uses. Some of its benefits are as under:

  • It has been noticed that the steroid increases the muscle strength. A study has reported that within 6 to 12 weeks the muscles starts getting strengthened.
  • It also increases the size of the body.
  • Steroid has many a positive aspect in which is the healing rate. It effectively increases the healing rate of the body.
  • It attacks on the fatty cells and eliminates them so that it may not occur again in the body.

Side effects of steroids

To know weighing the risks and benefits steroids has also been holding some side effects:

  • It may increases the cells of breast cancer.
  • It can cause osteoporosis.
  • It many result in reduction of weigh in HIV or AIDS patients.
  • Excess use can result in kidney disease.
  • Problem of hypertension is also been noticed.

In short if we have a look over the steroid report we can find that steroids can be effective only for the medical uses but for any other uses it holds high side effects. Hence, there is risk of various side effects with steroid.

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