Visiting Skandagiri to enjoy camping

Visiting Skandagiri to enjoy camping

India is a beautiful country and the length and breadth of this region is to be explored those who are adventurist and would like to find out about the real and natural beauty of this place. There are different areas having different kind of climate, terrain, culture and a unique beauty that is much different from the other regions. Hence, each and every place is to be visited by the enthusiast, so as to enjoy life to the fullest and make the most of the trip.

Go trekking

Trekking is loved by many and it is termed to be an activity that is pursued by many as a hobby or passion. Although there are many places in the country, one place does need special mention. It is skandagiri trekking that is said to fascinate and compel of all types to participate in trekking activities at least once in their lifetime. As a matter of fact, skandagiri is stated to be just perfect camping, treks, weekend getaways, corporate outings and adventure activities.

About Skandagiri

It is considered to be an age old fort that is located at a height of 4430 ft. This trek spans about 3 kilometers and is stated to be just perfect for night trek and bird watching. It is also known popularly as Kalayara Durga. The trekkers during the trek are said to explore two caves. One can get the perfect view of sunrise from the hill top and this trek ranges from moderate to difficult level.

Know the routes

Two routes are said to exist that leads to base hill, with one from Chikballapur town, while the other used as detour from a road leading to Nandi Hills. It is from Papagni Temple located at the foot of hills that this trek begins from. It is a fabulous and steep trek that goes through a dense shrub that appears like a maze and is quite interesting. Six sets of stonewalls are present that protects an ancient temple that is abandoned and found at the hill top.

Night trekking

This place is popular for night trekking and is regarded to be among the best sports for watching sunrise. Local trekkers are known to visit the place through the weekend. Night trek or early morning trek can be just wonderful. Trekking on a full moon night can be really enjoying. At the same time, sunrise noticed from the hill top can be really breathtaking. There is found a flat area of land at the hill top, having few stone pillars that belong to few ancient houses and a temple. The trek is about 8km long and moves through rugged terrains. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to ascend and descend.

It is also possible for people to undertake cave exploring while trekking. There can be spotted two prominent caves. One cave can be found during the ascend, while the other found at the hill base.

Trekking at Skandagiri can be real fun, if it is well planned.

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