Why the popularity of women gynecologists has increased?

Why the popularity of women gynecologists has increased?

A gynecologist is supposed to physically examine women for problems related to the female reproductive system or sexuality. A common procedure in physical examination of women is the pelvic examination or the vaginal examination whereby the gynecologist uses two hands to palpate the internal reproductive organs. This procedure is often uncomfortable for many women, especially unmarried ones, if the same is done by a male gynecologist.

This is why many women, especially young and unmarried ones, search for lady gynecologists. Thankfully, the new Mumbai suburbs of Vashi and Nerul have many lady gynecologists. In fact, the number of lady gynecologist in Nerul Navi Mumbai is quite competitive to the number of male ones. If you live in Nerul, you are more likely to find a lady gynecologist compared to many other places in Mumbai.

However, visiting a lady gynecologist does not solve all your problems. You need to see that the doctor is experienced and capable enough. The tendency that is observed is that the female doctors are more considerate to the problems of women rather than the male counterparts. They tend to give a patient hearing to the problems of the patients. As a lady patient, you too are comfortable with this fact as half the course of treatment is dependent on the problems in hand. if you can really open your heart in front of the doctor then what better option


Women of all age groups visit gynecologists. Gynecological problems are also different for different age groups. While sudden absence of menstruation can be an alarm for a teenager it can be a good news for a married lady. The gynecologist has to take into consideration the perspective of the patient and recommend ways and measures accordingly. If a young married lady is suffering from uterine fibroids or ovarian cyst the doctor will not rush in for an operation. However, if the same happens in an aged lady the doctor may proceed with excision of the uterus. Gynecological problems in young girls may have different connotations and they need to be dealt accordingly. This necessitates a wealth of experience in the doctor.


Gynecological problems like infertility often have an emotional undertone. Such patients need to be handled delicately. They need to be counseled properly on the aspect of infertility, taste tube baby and surrogate motherhood.

Complex gynecological problems requiring compassionate handling

Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, etc. are some of the complex gynecological disorders which require treatment through surgery, but such treatment can give rise to infertility. So, such patients need to be handled very compassionately and carefully to see that the procedures are successful. The gynecologist in Navi Mumbai Vashi should either be an expert in such surgical procedures and disease or should refer the patient to someone who is very skilled and experienced in such procedures.

Lady gynecologist that meet all the criteria

The good news is that there are some elderly, experienced and compassionate lady gynecologists in the Vashi and Nerul area whom you can depend upon for all your gynecological problems. Whether you are a young adolescent, a teenager, a newly married or an elderly lady you will be guided and treated in the right way by these doctors.

An interesting trend that is observed is that the salary of the male gynecologist is on the higher side when you compare it to females.

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