What are the Best Headphones for Classical Music?

We all love Classical Music genre, the strum of violins, the subtle bass, the rise of soprano and the fall of contralto all combine up to make the most beautiful music of all genres. However, to fully enjoy classical music, headsets with features supporting classical music are required.

Top Pick

Beyerdynamic DT-880-PRO-250

  • +Large earcups
  • +Plush padding
  • +Audio clarity is superb

Why are classical headphones different?

The features which make classical headsets different from normal headphones include:

  • Neutral Sound: There should be no coloration in audio, this means that the base, the mids and the highs all areas should be flat and of equal frequency.
  • Soundstage: While listening to classical music you want to experience the feel of a concert hall rather than a narrow closet. Soundstage is the ability of headphones to create a sonic space making the music sound accurate and original rather.
  • Comfort: People who enjoy classical music are expected to wear headphones longer than other music genre lovers. So these headphones should be well ventilated and should not clamp on your ears in order to feel easy and comfortable over long periods of use.


So let’s take a look at our list of best headphones for Classical Music:


Top 10 Best Headphones for Classical Music


Beyerdynamic DT-880-PRO-250

  • +Large earcups
  • +Plush padding
  • +Audio clarity is superb

These headphones are designed for an awesome day-long experience due to its comfortable design. The audio quality is amazing and the cable is mic free, all of these factors make these headphones number 1 position on our list.

  • These headphones comprise of large round earcups that cover the ears perfectly.
  • The headband is also covered with plush padding making sure no hard parts touch your head.
  • The wire is not detachable and is 9.8 foot long.


The clarity is impressive and they offer amazing detail even at low volume as well. The lower end tunes got powerful definition and energy while the base is meaty enough to provide a full experience to the listener. They are perfect for midrange lovers and sound like a three-dimensional concert.


Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear-Headphones

  • +Great headband for long sessions
  • +Frequency spectrum is excellent

The Spacious and open quality sound of these headphones is best suited for classical and rap music without depriving them of their character. They are lightweight and super comfortable and overall listening experience is amazing.

  • They feature amazing Neo-Modern designing.
  • The headband on these headphones is broad and well padded.
  • They have a detachable cable which is 10-foot long and a 6.3mm plug.


These headphones balance the frequencies so well that every part of the spectrum is dazzling and awesome. The bass sounds well but never takes over the mids. The vocals are clear and detailed and you can even spot the discrepancies of faulty recordings. The treble, on the other hand, is dynamic but never gets harsh on your ears.


Audio Technica ATH-AD900X Open-Back Audiophile Headphones

  • +Winged suspension headband
  • +Distinct sound signature


Audio-Technica always goes for neutral sound signatures in their non-DJ headphones. The AD900X is the entry-level audiophile headphone popular among classical music lovers. They have a comfortable design that fits on most of the heads.

  • Audio-Technica headsets have a wing suspension sort of design that fits nicely on all head sizes.
  • The headband is of suspension design and ear cups are sleek. The ear cups are not heavy and do not clamp on your ears.


These headphones got a very distinct sound signature. For their price, the frequency response is flatter than you would expect. The Bass is extensive. These headphones got thick and slightly forward mids. The strings also stand out of the vocals whether male or female and the soundstage is extensive. All of this helps in creating a space between instruments making it an amazing sound experience.


AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature On-Ear Reference Headphones

  • +Available in multiple colors
  • +Soft headband
  • +Operates down to 10 Hz


Their smooth audio signature works with all kinds of music genres. They are best suited for critical listening because of their detailed audio quality. They offer an unparalleled comfortable suspension design. They are like AD900X but more durable and hence costlier as well.

  • They are available in Black and Lime color featuring a funkier design.
  • The ear cups are large and round and made up of plastic but feature a sturdier design.
  • There got metal grilles on the back and the headband is string-loaded suspension type.
  • The band that makes contact with your head is soft and adjusts automatically according to the size of your head.


The AKG Q701 headphones got a good audio response in the same frequency range as of those headphones which are three times more expensive than them. They operate in 10-39,800 Hz area with excellent detailing. The midrange is apparent; the soundstage is formed nicely around your head. This roomy space allows instruments to mix up well and shine individually also.


Grados SR80e Prestige Series Headphones

  • +Subtle, retro element
  • +Great cushion
  • +Great midrange


These Prestige series headphones are a true blessing for classical music lovers with a limited budget. They sit on your ear as they are on-ear headphones. Grados has invested well in making these sturdy and comfy headphones loved by the audiophiles.

  • These headphones got a subtle and retro element to their design.
  • The got a broad and flexible headband and black in color.
  • They feature a bowl shaped cushion on the earpieces.
  • The Got a long cable that is attached to both ear cups.


The can handle complex tracks with reasonable dexterity due to their clarity. The bass beats with a high impact. They sound much livelier than other headphones in their price range and the bass is amazing for an open back headphone. The midrange is so detailed that we don’t believe it for such price range.


Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone

  • +Flat frequency response
  • +Minimalist look
  • +Headband has thick padding


These headphones are perfect for you if you like neutral audio with strong bass. They got the Sennheiser comfort however they come with old design features because they are there for classical music lovers for more than 15 years now.


  • They were ahead of their time when they debuted.
  • Their design still looks minimalist and cool.
  • The feature oval-shaped large ear cups which are covered with a metal grille on the back.
  • The headband features a thick pad with a gap in between for ventilation.


They are nice all-rounder headphones. They feature a flat frequency with a meaty base. They are open back but still feature some amazing bass striking through the rhythm. The bass is present at all volume levels and is well detailed. The midrange is flattened by the open and wide soundstage. The treble sounds smooth and soundstage got good width and depth.


AKG K712 Pro Over-Ear Mastering/Reference Headphones

  • +Cups have memory foam padding
  • +Lightweight
  • +Professional sound quality with great frequency response


The AKG K712 Pro is exclusively manufactured in Australia and Slovakia featuring a funky design and is praised by classical music lovers all over the world, due to their notable audio signature. The detailed audio together with amazing soundstage fulfills all music lovers’ requirements.

  • They are open-back over-ear headphones.
  • The ear cups got memory foam plush padding while maintaining a sleek design.
  • The earpieces are also covered with velour material and are mounted on suspension type bands.
  • They are easy to carry around because of lightweight.


The Treble and Midrange got a special focus features are highly beneficial for classical music. The overall presentation is smooth and clear. The midrange details are amazingly good that even the busiest songs are no game for these headphones. The bass is nice and there is no coloration at all.


Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System

  • +Gorgeous design
  • +Padded ear cups
  • +Sound traps built into headphones
  • +Treble not overbearing

The price tag for these headphones is somewhat high but they are worth every penny you spend on them. They feature a space ship design, ultra-clear audio, and Sennheiser’s advanced audio technologies.

  • The design is gorgeous and shaped like a space ship. The ear cups look futuristic with semi-open back plates.
  • Ear cups are padded with Alacantra which is a special ultra-comfortable material.
  • These headsets come with an option on cables to use, you can use the 3m audio cable supporting a 6.3mm jack or you can hook up the balanced XLR cable for an optimum experience.


The sound is wide open and their three-dimensional feel traps you into the immense detail being produced. This is something that audiophiles are always looking for. The bass is punchy but well defined. The treble is free from any harshness however their sound gets leaked so it’s better to listen to them in a quiet and peaceful place.


Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Headphones

  • +Great bass
  • +Huge ear cups
  • -Cable not detachable


These are the best headphones for a tight and narrow budget user. They offer open and wide sound and a premium feel that is way ahead of its price tag. It is a complete package from Audio Technica with a comfortable and durable design.

  • They offer a huge ear cups design suited to at-home experience.
  • They mix great comfort with design.
  • The headband is of suspension wing type.
  • The cable is attached to the left ear cup and is not detachable.


The bass on these headphones is punchy but is not boosted. Their sound is open making them best for classical music. The soundstage is wide and spacious allowing instruments to get their space and play nicely with some awesome detail.


Grados Prestige Series SR325e Headphones

  • +Supra-aural ear cups
  • +Leather padding
  • +Lively audio signature


This headphone sits nicely with the requirements of classical music lovers. They feature Grado’s sound technology which is well known for its transparency and clarity.

  • These headphones have a Supra-aural ear cups.
  • The ear cups are bowl shaped and big enough to sit around your ear and pads on the ear cups are replaceable.
  • The headband features leather padding for comfort.


They got a lively audio signature. The balance between tones is exceptional. They provide clean midrange, a punchy enough bass, and some fine treble profile.


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