What are the best headphones for electronic music?

Electronic Music and EDM Genre is funky and upbeat. This type of music features heavy use of Bass, Drums and other heavy electronic musical devices. Sometimes the vocals are absent altogether and Music is the only thing that keeps you moving and trapped deep inside its sensation.

Subgenres include Acid House, Deep house, Soulful House, Progressive house and other such genres of music. All of these have a great influence on Bass and beats and this distinguishes them from other genres like classical and rap music. So looking at these characteristics of Electronic Genre of music, one of the most crucial things here is to have matching headphones so that you can enjoy this type of music thoroughly.

What features to look for while selecting electronic headphones?

  • Deep and Pronounced Bass:

Electronic Music Lovers out there have heard the term “Drop the Bass” in almost all of their favorite Tracks. The Bass in a given track is the lowest frequency and this is the one that makes you move to the rhythm. So for this Genre, you need such headphones that feature deep, pronounced and strong Bass. Do make sure that the Headphones that we pick up feature Bass Enhancement.


  • Soundstage should be balanced:

Bass may be the driving force for this genre’s music lovers, but it should not be too high that it overwhelms other frequencies hence distorting them. The soundstage should also be profound and balanced to make the whole experience a great one. The soundstage should be such that all frequencies are equally generated with some crisp base weaving its way through them.


  • Noise-canceling Features:

There should be some sort of noise-canceling feature at play because this genre is quite detailed and noisy and sounds from the outside world and ambient sounds can ruin your experience. Environmental sounds distort and hinder your listening experience so a good noise canceling technology should be in place to make your experience distortion free.


  • Price:

Price can be the determining factor for some users however music lovers with no budget constraints would surely buy the better choice regardless of price. We have tried to include headphones for all budget classes so that you could choose the one that best fits your budget.



So let’s take a look at our list of best headphones for this electronic music genre:

Sony XB950N1

  • +Exceptional Bass Boost feature.
  • +Top of the line Noise Canceling technology.
  • +Wireless and highly comfortable.

These headphones are our top pick for electronic music and are most expensive as well, however they are worth every penny you invest in them because of the experience you will get. They offer top of the line noise reduction technology making sure that no environmental sounds would hinder your experience.

They are wireless making them highly comfortable and convenient to use, also they boost a good battery time which requires only 7 hours of charge to get their juice back up. These headphones support a balanced soundstage, some powerful drivers and Top-Quality audio reproduction that you feel the second you start using them. If you love Bass Boost and Electronic music these headphones are for you.

The Verdict:

These headphones are made for Electronic music lovers with a decent budget to spare. The bass enhancement they provide is excellent; the noise cancellation technology is like no other and cancels unwanted noises exceptionally. The ear cup is big but comfy and they are a huge value for money in the longer run.

Audio Technica ATH-WS1100iS

  • +Exceptional Bass Venting System.
  • +High caliber 53mm Drivers.
  • +Dual-Layer Ear cups for amazing comfort.

These headphones come with some of the most cutting edge technologies out there. They feature 53 mm deep-motion audio drivers, an amazing Bass Venting system for premium quality sound. They are not wireless but still highly comfortable because of their non-tangy wire and Dual-layered ear cups.


These headphones are highly durable and they will last for more than a couple of years because the housing is robust but comfortable. The bass venting system is their true gem, these headphones damp out air from all sides hence producing some exceptional bass.

The Verdict:

They are undoubtedly the best headphones for EDM music. They offer clear and crisp bass so that if you are a bass lover you should give these headphones a shot. They are quite expensive than others but they are worth it on all fronts. The ear cups are big but provide you with the perfect soundstage for your music experience.


  • +The sound is professional grade and the bass is amazing.
  • +Comfortable to use and handle.
  • +Battery is excellent. The Bads: The headband is flimsy; the joints between the ear cups and the headbands are not that durable

The best looking headphones in their price Range. They are available in Red, White, and Black color and are wireless Bluetooth headphones. They offer 45mm Drivers and Active Noise Cancellation Technology. They come with very comfortable ear cushions and do not cost that much as well.

They offer some professional grade sound quality, the bass is clear but deep making them ideal for electronic music and on top of all this you can enjoy your music for up to thirty hours when they are fully charged up.

The Verdict:

These headphones are equipped some of the best high-end features, Plenty of comforts and some amazing voice canceling technology. So what else do you crave to enjoy EDM music?

Skull candy Crusher

  • +Bass is remarkably good.
  • +Soundstage is balanced.

They look cool and funky. That’s the very first impression that you get when you look at them. They feature Skull candy’s patented sensation 55 drivers and offer some excellent bass because these drivers were developed with the aim of enhancing bass.

The ear cups feature some acoustic padding making them comfortable to wear. The soundstage is bass-heavy and distortions are minimized due to the use of REX40 driver. However, one thing that could be improved is the noise canceling feature because it does not cancel out all the ambient noises.

The Verdict:

These headphones do exactly what they are supposed to do and they do it quite exceptionally. The soundstage is well balanced, all frequencies get their share and the bass is deep and accentuated. Also if you are looking to pick up headphones on a slim and funky side these headphones are for you.


  • +12mm dome drivers provide some amazing bass.
  • +Comfortable to wear and handle.
  • +Color choice

These earphones are the least expensive option on our list. They feature 12mm dome drivers and provide a rich deep bass sound. They are wired and come with a microphone and control button down the wire for easy playback experience.

The cord is flat and tangles free so it won’t give you any hard time. The ear buds are made up of hybrid silicone to fit all ear sizes and to be comfortable as well. They are highly affordable and provide decent bass and sound quality for their price. However the soundstage is not balanced, the mids are harsh and the highs are not that good.


These ear buds should not be compared to the other options in our list as they are much cheaper as compared to the rest of the list here. However the sound quality is not bad at all because they are from Sony, but if you would like to have a better experience and soundstage balancing then you should consider taking up one of the other options.

The Verdict:

These earphones are most convenient and easy on your pocket. They offer some good quality music due to being from Sony and using some of their technologies. Also, they are the only in-ear headsets in our list so if you are looking for ear buds rather than headphones you can consider these for your next purchase.


So there you have it, our list for the best headphones for Electronic Music Lovers. We hope you find it useful because it lists down the key design features, the audio quality as well as the Pros and Cons of each of the headphones being listed.

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